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dragonfly is a non-profit scanlation group dedicated to getting english-speaking readers interested in various doujinshi.

Doujinshi are works of art and are great to buy, collect, and enjoy the beauty of the actual copy in your hands.

Scanlations are not an excuse to not buy the book; they should be an incentive to own them.

Visit our buying guide for help on getting into doujinshi.

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-What happened to Hochuuami? The site's gone!
-Where can I find RS's website/more info on the circle?
-How can I get your scanlations?
-How can I contact you?
-Can I post your scans on my LiveJournal (or community) or use them for wallpaper / layouts / icons / etc.?
-Someone is selling scans of your work on eBay!
-Explain your usage and age policy
-Can I use XXX doujinshi for another language?
-I have something I'd like to scan for you guys! Will you do it?
-So when can I expect the next release?
What happened to Hochuuami? The site's gone!

This is a question that only recently have we gotten a more definite answer on, and the answer is: Hochuuami is gone, and most likely permanently. There are various reasons behind this, but the end result is that hochuuami is no more.

What next? Well, not much, but hochuu HAS given several of their projects to urusai! and fushichou to finish. As for all their old releases, we've put together a savefile archive, where you can access all the old releases (minus the projects that have been licensed). Please note that the general agreement among the former staff is that hochuu prefers to uphold its policy of not allowing their releases to be shared on forums and the like; please continue to respect this and download the releases from the savefile archive.

Official Hochuuami Savefile archive

As Savefile seems to no longer be in service, we'll be creating another archive with a different file hosting service. Please bear with us while we get this set up.

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Where can I find RS's website/more info on the circle?

We get this question so much, we decided to add it to the FAQ. ^^;; RS is a popular doujinshi circle that focuses on Kingdom Hearts (as you've seen if you're asking this question). Kingdom Hearts doujinshi are illegal in Japan, and with Disney being the company enforcing this... well, it tends to make doujinshi for that series much more scarce. For this reason, most KH-doujin circles in general will hide some or most of their information, or only give out aliases and leave out their real names, emails, and even websites (some of which require a password to access). RS is one of the more secretive circles; they list very little information in their printings.

To make a long story short, we don't know either. RS used to have a website (which was password-protected), but it's since vanished, and as far as we know, they have no new site—or if they do, it's well-hidden. That's about all we know about the circle, so please don't email us asking where to find out more.

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How can I get your scanlations?

We upload each release to two different file hosting sites: multiupload (which uploads the file to eight different file hosting sites) and mediafire. We realize that not everyone can access each site, so we try to use a variety of servers from which everyone can access at least one; multiupload now serves this purpose. We do try to screen for broken links every now and then, but please be aware that some links may not work.

Visit tokudane @ or any of the boys love channels on
Don't know how to use IRC? Here's a very good guide.

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How can I contact you?

We prefer being contacted through e-mail at dragonfly.djs[at] However, please read all our FAQ before contacting us and DO NOT contact us about your personal downloading problems. Please also note that reply times may be slow.

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Can I post your scans on my LiveJournal (or community) or use them for wallpaper/layouts/icons/etc.?

Layouts / icons / wallpapers: You may do so with the proper credit (i.e. SCAN BY DRAGONFLY). We take the time to find and scan such work, so please respect it. Also, if you're using them, please mention the djka's name; they need credit as well.

Scans on communities: If you are posting works of ours on livejournal communities, please LINK our site. We have many of our works available for download, and this is a common courtesy.

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Someone is selling scans of your work on eBay!

Report by using the item number here.
If you are that person... well, you're really pathetic.

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Explain your usage and age policy

All our works detail two men in sexual acts and are made for adults. Please learn your age of consent policy in your country and abide by it.

While some of our works are light (noted with a light yaoi or shonen-ai reference on their project pages), we strongly request you do not download works until you are considered an adult in your country of origin.

If downloading such items is illegal in your country, we are not held accountable by your actions.

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Can I use XXX doujinshi for another language?

Probably. E-mail dragonfly.djs[at] and contact me with (a) your name, (b) your group, (c) url of your group, and (d) project you would like to do.

Please title the e-mail with an approriate title such as "dragonfly foreign language scans" and send your person most competent in English to mail us.

All groups who we give permission to may use the cleaned scans.
EACH scanlation put out must give the original credits (scanner, translator, editor, qcer, etc...) somewhere inside each zip. Our group must be credited and linked from the project page as well.

Since at Dragonfly we consider it our job to encourage people to purchase their own copies, we're enforcing a 2-book limit on groups. This means you may use our scans for 2 books; any more, and you must purchase your own copy. This is retroactive (which means a group who has used 2 books of our scans before may not ask for anymore in the future). If you'd like to use our translations, you may do so unlimitedly... with the proper credit, of course.

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I have something I'd like to scan for you guys! Will you do it?

As long as we're familiar with the series, we'd love to! We're happy to do scans from many different series. For info on what we enjoy, how to send us scanned doujinshi, and helping out in general, visit the join page.

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So when can I expect the next release?

Who knows? ^^;; We work and release when we can, but ultimately, we're a relatively small-staffed group. If you enjoy our releases and want to see more of them, visit our join page and offer your help.

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