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A Few Things

There was some snafu with the previous domain name, so I decided to get another one altogether and start fresh; hopefully that will be the last time I need to move things!

I know there haven't been any updates in a long time—please know that while scanlating is no longer my top priority, I don't intend to ever shut this website down. I still have some scanlations I'd like to finish eventually; my life's just taken a different turn hobby-wise, for the most part.

I've removed the "join" section for pretty much that reason. I just don't have the time or energy to put forth the effort needed to run a staff anymore. So I'll probably release here and there, but dragonfly's days of steady releases are (and have been for a while, really) at an end. Thank you for all your support these past years!
Links Update

No release today, but an announcement about download links. Most importantly, we're now able to provide direct download links for all our releases. We'd like to ask that you use the hosting links first, but direct download is now available for every release. All doujinshi that were previously down are available again, and any dead links have been removed. Some of you had also previously reported that several pages in Toki no Megami were corrupt, but I hadn't been able to find anything wrong with them when I checked. I'm happy to say I figured out what was causing the error (it was a weird compression glitch), and a new, fully-working .zip file has been uploaded. I checked all the other files, and it seems that this was the only one with the glitch, but if anyone else comes across similar errors in other files, please let me know.

I've also removed the links to the batch downloads; I didn't feel they were necessary anymore. I'd like to see what you guys think, though, so I've put a poll up on the livejournal community to get opinions on if batch files are useful or not.
In Loving Memory

Several months ago, one of my closest friends passed away. I wanted to scanlate something in her honor, and as she adored AkuRoku, I thought it fitting to scanlate one of her favorite doujinshi—a bittersweet Kingdom Hearts story. I've been working on this for a while now; I've had other things I could have had done and released before now, but I wanted to finish this before anything else. That's been most of the reason for the long silence here.

I wish I could've finished this when you were still here to see it, but this one's for you, Amanda. Here's hoping you're reading it now, wherever you are.

Secret Promise (circle: NPH)
Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Axel x Roxas, Terra x Ven

Updated Links

All the old links have now been changed over to multiupload. Any megaupload and/or rapidshare links were deleted, since multiupload covers those two servers anyway, but the mediafire and sendspace links remain. It looks like savefile has gone down for good, so all those links have been removed. There are a few older releases that are currently unavailable, but we're working on getting them up again.

With savefile down, this also means the Hochuuami archive is gone, so we'll be redoing it with another filehosting service. We'll have it up as soon as we can, so please bear with us while we get that set up!

First Update for 2010

See? Told you we weren't dead! After a long silence, we've finally got a release for you: Barbie, a lovely Yubinbasha doujinshi featuring Cloud in drag. Also, a big thanks to Namineh for scanning it; she's scanned a bunch more Yubin for us, so keep a lookout for those sometime in the future! Please be aware that releases will continue to be less frequent due to RL time constrants, but hopefully we won't go that long without updating again.

We're also using multiupload to host our releases now; it uploads the file to a number of file hosting sites, so we're hoping that will cut down on the problem of dead links! All the current links will be replaced with multiupload links sometime in the near future.

Barbie (circle: Yubinbasha)
Final Fantasy VII - Zack x Cloud